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Application of GCT-8C Rail Flaw Detector in the Gobi Desert

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24 "Golden Flower Doctors" on the Gobi Desert Railway

There is a railway from Linhe to Hami in the western Gobi Desert of Inner Mongolia. 80% of the area along this railway is in the edge of the desert, and 400 kilometers are uninhabited areas. In such a harsh natural environment, there is a group of female workers with an average age of 32 who carry tools, carry heavy objects, and search for routes on this railway line crossing the Gobi Desert, ensuring the safety of the railway line during the Spring Festival Movement, Known as 24 golden flowers on the Gobi Desert railway.


At 9 a.m. on the K76 kilometer Lince railway line, a yellow pickup truck stopped along the side of the track. Eight female workers skillfully untied the ropes that bound the steel rail flaw detector from the rear carriage. The 25 kilogram instrument quickly stepped onto the railway line, which was over 8 meters high. Two protective officers holding signal flags quickly walked to both sides 800 meters away, adding alcohol, adjusting instruments, setting parameters, GPS positioning, and all other actions were carried out in one go, Six people pushed two flaw detectors along the two steel rails to start the inspection operation with the sound of dripping.


During the Spring Festival transportation period, the traffic density has significantly increased, and the number of damaged steel rails is also increasing. It is necessary for them to accurately determine the suspected location of damaged steel rails from the changes in the beep sound and screen waveform, and then notify the line workshop to repair or replace the rails to eliminate hidden dangers in the line.


Due to the uncertain working hours, the task of testing is becoming increasingly heavy, and they often cannot even eat hot water. In winter, when they bring water, it is hot water, and when they finish their work in the car and drink it down the road, it already freezes. As they often carry instruments, they often bump and bump. They carry safflower oil and Adhesive bandage instead of lipstick and perfume.


In fact, during the Spring Festival Movement, these new wives and mothers also had concerns for their families, but they never complained or complained, silently guarding the safety of the desert railway during the Spring Festival Movement. (End)