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GCT-8C Rail Tester GCT-8C

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    Product Overview:

    Implement the latest national railway industry standard TB/ T2340-2012 "Multi-channel A-type Display rail ultrasonic flaw detector Technical conditions", suitable for detecting various defects in 43kg/m~75kg/m rail base metal.It has passed the Technical Certification of New Products of Railway Special Measuring Instruments issued by the Standard Measurement Institute of the former Ministry of Railways. Ultrasonic type A pulse and type B image are displayed in the same screen partition.Automatic recording of inspection data throughout the whole process.Supporting computer playback software, can be used for continuous playback and analysis of inspection data. With rainproof, sunshade structure, the use of large size high brightness military grade display, in strong light, low temperature clearly visible.

    Instrument features:.

    ● With GPS satellite positioning function;

    ● It has the function of calculating the integral value of the probe grass wave, through which the instrument can help the inspection worker to monitor the faulty or poorly coupled probe, and the playback software can help the analyst to check whether the sensitivity set in the field is appropriate.

    ● 8.4 "color high brightness display, can display more than 2 meters of type B image, can be clearly displayed in A variety of environments, each channel of type A pulse and type B image with different colors separate, easy to observe;

    ● Good environmental adaptability, can work in -35℃ ~ 45℃ temperature environment, fully waterproof structure, can work in the rain;


    Technical parameters:

    ● Detection channels: 9 channels;

    ● Probe operating frequency: 2MHz;

    ● Repeated detection frequency: 400Hz;

    ● Detection range: 0 ~ 200mm (43kg/m and 50kg/m rail) 0 ~ 250mm±5mm (60kg/m and 75kg/m rail);

    ● Gain control range: 0 ~ 60dB, step 0.5dB;

    ● Dynamic range: ≥16dB(small inhibition), 2 ~ 6dB(large inhibition);

    ● Horizontal linear error: ≤2%; Vertical linear error: ≤15%;

    ● Attenuator error: no more than ±1dB per 12dB;

    ● Working voltage: 18V ~ 26V;

    ● Rated power: ≤8W;

    ● Operating temperature: -35℃ ~ 45℃;

    ● Coupling capacity: 18L;

    ● Weight: 25Kg (without coupling agent);